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Exhibitor’s FAQ’s

We get lots of wedding suppliers asking us all sorts of questions about our shows, with a lot of the same ones being asked over and over again, so we’ve created this handy little FAQ’s section to hopefully answer any query you might have.


How do I dress my stand?

Every wedding supplier who books into our shows will receive an exhibitor pack around 6-8 weeks before an exhibition. That tells you how best to dress your stand. But in a nutshell, we recommend covering the panels with wallpaper,material, or even better, getting printed panels and using those. Whatever you do, don’t leave them blank. They are a horrible dark green/grey colour and don’t look nice as a backdrop for any business.

Can I use pins/ staples on the panels?

In short, no. Not only can they injure staff that set-up and take down the exhibition, but they can also cause damage to the panels, so anything like pins, staples, screws, nails, sticky tape or blue tack can NOT be used. The panels are coated with a soft fluffy velcro side (that’s the loop), which is perfect for the hook (rough) side of velcro to cling on to. Best part about these is that you can re-use it time and time again! We sell this at our shows if you’re ever caught short.

What time can we set up?

This is pretty much the same at all of our shows and is from 5pm-8pm the Saturday before, or from 6:30am – 9:15am on the Sunday of the show with the exception of Leeds*. We recommend that if you can set up on the Saturday, please do. The reason is that if you come across an issue on the Satuday, you still have time to fix it. There won’t be much we can do at 9am on a Sunday morning to help fix any last minute problems that might arise, so plan ahead. We ask that all exhibitors be fully set up no later than 9:30am on the Sunday, ready for the show to open at 10am. The last thing we would want is for exhibitors running round setting up their stand when brides are walking through the door. It won’t benefit you either.

*Due to the nature of the Leeds venue, set up on Saturday is subject to football fixtures. please contact us and we will update you closer to the show.

Are food & refreshments available?

Yes, each venue has it’s own food and drink area where you can purchase drinks and lunches for while you’re exhibiting at the show.

Can I put flyers in your goody bags?

We don’t have exhibitors puts flyers in our goody bags as this would fill them up, with no room for all the fab freebies for our brides and grooms. And if we put one in, we would have to put all of them in.

Do we get a copy of the brides details after a show?

We don’t distribute the brides data to our exhibitors after a show. We encourage all our wedding suppliers to get brides details at our shows, either by newsletter sign up or competition entering; this starts a conversation and breaks the ice between you and your potential client.

Can I plug in lights or other mains fed equipment?

Yes, each stand comes with a plug socket as standard. We advise checking the safety of whatever it is you’re plugging in, as from previous shows, we have had the entire exhibition’s electricity go out due to a faulty wire or plug socket from an exhibitor.

Do you offer discounts to book your shows?

We don’t offer discounts for booking into our shows. If you had booked a stand and paid full price, then found out the supplier next to you had got a discount, you wouldn’t be happy and more than likely wouldn’t re-book our shows. All our prices are as shown on our online shop.

Does the stand come with a table/chair?

If you want a chair for your stand, these are available free of charge from a chair collection point on the day at the show and will be signposted for you to find. We can provide a 2ft by 6ft trestle table at a cost of £20 plus vat which fits perfectly in your stand and is set up for you when you arrive.

How do I light my stand?

We can provide 6ft LED strip lights at a small cost of £30 plus vat that attach to the back of the header board of your stand; this lights up your stand fully and really makes it stand out. You are more than welcome to bring your own lighting.

How big is my stand space?

If you book a 1×3 metre stand, you get a shell scheme stand that’s 1 metre deep and 3 metres long, the same goes for a 2×3 metre stand. Exhibitors can stand outside their stand area in the aisles but we do ask that everything else is kept within the footprint of your stand. No table, chairs, banner stands or anything should stick out of your stand as this is a huge health and safety hazard, so please be mindful of this when booking your stand size. We get a lot of families at our shows, which means there needs to be enough space for prams to come past. If you’re sticking out of your stand and the exhibitor opposite you is doing the same, that creates a larger issue.  If you think you’ll struggle to fit your wares in a 1×3, book a 2×3. We can also make up custom sizes depending on where you want to go,e.g. a 1×4 metre stand.

Can I have candles on my stands?

As a general rule, we do not allow any naked flames at our shows, for obvious health and safety reasons. By all means have candles but please don’t light them. A good substitute is a battery powered tealight, which has a similar effect to a naked flame.

How many brides do you get at your show?

Every show is different but we get a minimum of 1000 brides through at each show, with the exception of Leeds*. These numbers increase year on year and at our last Sheffield and Doncaster shows, we got approximately 1300 brides through.

*Leeds is our smallest show with 99 stands but we do still get over 700 brides every year (our other shows have over 140 stands, hence the larger footfall).

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