FAQ’s Exhibitor’s

Hopefully our Exhibitors FAQ’S will answer any queries you may have:

How do I dress my stand?

Every wedding supplier who books into our shows will receive an exhibitor pack around 6-8 weeks before an exhibition. That tells you how best to dress your stand. But in a nutshell, we recommend covering the panels with wallpaper, material, or even better, getting printed panels and using those. Whatever you do, don’t leave them blank. They are a dark grey/green colour and don’t look nice as a backdrop for any business.

Can I use pins/ staples on the panels?

No, we only allow the use of velcro for applying graphics, wallpaper and materials to your stand. The panels are coated with loop velcro (soft side), so you need hook velcro (rough side) for hanging things. This can be purchased with adhesive back or plain for sewing onto material. The use of pins and staples is NOT ALLOWED, not only do they damage the boards which could incur costs, but can also injure staff during set up and pack down.

Where can I purchase the right type of velcro?

You can purchase adhesive-backed velcro at £1.50/metre during show set up from the I Do desk which is always staffed.

What time can we set up?

Derby, Doncaster, Harrogate, Nottingham, Leicester & Sheffield Exhibitions: 5pm-8pm the Saturday before, or from 6:30am – 9:15am on the Sunday.
Leeds: Exhibition: 6am- 9:30am on the day of the show. There is NO SATURDAY ACCESS AT LEEDS due to football fixtures.

I have quite a lot of large/heavy equipment, is there easy access?

Each exhibition has designated unloading areas to make unloading as easy as possible. These will be detailed in your exhibitor pack. Please unload your vehicle and move it to a parking bay BEFORE setting up your stand as space for unloading is limited at busy times.

Are there any advantage to setting up Saturday?

Unfortunately our Leeds event only allows for show day SUNDAY set up, but if you are able to set up on Saturday at our OTHER events please do. Not only will you be more relaxed on the day of the event, but if you come across any issues during set up (forgotten something or equipment not working) you still have time to fix it. There won’t be much we can do at 9am on a Sunday morning to help fix any last minute problems that might arise, so please plan ahead where possible.

Are food & refreshments available?

Yes all our venues have food and drink facilities and all are licensed to sell alcohol. Sheffield, Doncaster, Derby and Leeds all have bar areas with seating and all venues have cafe area’s where hot and cold food and drinks can be purchased. Some of our venues also offer exhibitor lunch packs at a discounted rate. Orders for these will be taken at your stand, during the show by the venue staff.

Can I put flyers in your goody bags?

We don’t puts flyers in our goody bags, they are reserved for luxury samples and freebies.

Do we get a copy of the couples details after a show?

We don’t distribute the couples data to our exhibitors after a show. We encourage all our wedding suppliers to get brides details at our shows, either by newsletter sign up or competition entering; this starts a conversation and breaks the ice between you and your potential client.

Can I plug in lights or other mains fed equipment?

Yes, each stand comes with a plug socket as standard. If more than one socket is required please bring your own extension.

How much is it to exhibit?

All our prices are as shown in our media pack which you can download following this link: Exhibition Media Pack.

Does the stand come with a table/chair?

Chairs are available free of charge from our sign-posted chair collection point on the day at the show (located near the catwalk). We can provide a 2ft by 6ft trestle table with white table cloth for £25+vat. It will be set up when you arrive. A 3×1 metre stand can accommodate a trestle table with approximately 30cm either side.

How do I light my stand?

We can provide 6ft LED strip lights at £35+vat that attach to the back of the header board of your stand; this lights up your stand fully and really makes it stand out. You are more than welcome to bring your own lighting.

How big is my stand space?

If you book a 1×3 metre stand, you get a shell scheme stand that’s 1 metre deep and 3 metres wide, the same goes for a 2×3 metre stand ( 2 metres deep, 3 metres wide).  Everything must be kept within the footprint of your stand. No table, chairs, banner stands or displays should protrude from your stand area. The aisles MUST be kept clear due to health and safety to allow plenty of room for visiting guests to move around freely. If you think you’ll struggle to fit your wares in please book a larger stand or bring less. We can also make up custom sizes depending on where you want to go, e.g. a 1×4 metre stand. Please download

Can I have candles on my stands?

If bringing wax candles, please DO NOT light them. We do not allow any naked flames at our shows, for obvious health and safety reasons. Battery powered candles are now widely available and make a good substitute.

How many brides visit the I Do Wedding Exhibitions?

Each show attract on average 1000 brides through the door with an overall average footfall of 2500, with the exception of Leeds. Leeds is our smallest show with 98 stands, but we do still have over 700 brides visit throughout the day (our other shows have over 140 stands, hence the larger footfall).

If you have any questions that still remain unanswered, please see your exhibitor pack (which will arrive 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event) or email us at info@ido-magazine.co.uk

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